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our ends are beginnings

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Chocolate | The 1975

We go where nobody knows
Guns hidden under our petticoats


Golden Veins | Two Door Cinema Club

Oh let me walk around these walls
Correct your words, forget my thoughts




UGH this is fucking beautiful

This is well done.

well, this is now my favorite video ever

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" Guess what? David Burtka and I got married over the weekend. In Italy. Yup, we put the ‘n’ and ‘d’ in ‘husband.’ " x

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Louis warming up at Celtic Park today! (07/09/2014) 

It’s a playlist of 5 videos, all taken by me at the match. Please credit if you reblog. (x)

Note: Oh hell. Sorry for the inane chatter between me and Jenn. I was losing my mind. Louis was RIGHT THERE. Recap of our whole day below! 

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Master of comedic timing: Jared Padalecki [x]

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Louis warming up at Celtic Park today! (07/09/2014) 

It’s a playlist of 5 videos, all taken by me at the match. Please credit if you reblog. (x)

Note: Oh hell. Sorry for the inane chatter between me and Jenn. I was losing my mind. Louis was RIGHT THERE. Recap of our whole day below! 

Our day(s) started in London on Saturday morning where we had to work until 3pm. We took a quick nap and then hopped on the night bus to Glasgow at 9pm from Victoria. Thus began what was both one of the worst days I’ve ever experienced and one of the best. First, the bus was packed and the seat I had chosen eventually began to feel, well, damp. Wondering what the hell was happening, I did a smell test and discovered that someone had clearly wet themselves previously in that very seat.

Needless to say? NOT impressed. I pride myself on being a pretty calm and collected individual however, so I got up and explained what was happening to the driver and he agreed to stop when he could. I then asked a man if I could sit next to him in the only leftover empty seat.

I was then subjected to my usual experience with random men in public transport: he decided to be a creep. He asked probing questions while continuously telling me I was beautiful and sexy and demanding that I give him my number so that he could take me out in London. Gag me. He ignored my earbuds and phone, as well as my very direct response of “No.” I waited until we stopped, went inside to change out of my dirty clothing and basically scrub myself raw with wet wipes — you can NEVER have enough of those puppies — and then chose a newly vacated seat.

Luckily, my new seat neighbours were English and Psych majors who were really interested in Supernatural and Wide Sargasso Sea as well as Scottish politics so 12am-1:30am was quite lovely!

Upon arriving in Glasgow, we were given directions by a lovely redheaded Scotsman who also told us all about the charity match being held today and gave us directions to Celtic Park. (Hahaha!) We went to stash our bags at McLay’s Guest House even though we couldn’t check in until 2pm and they were sweethearts. I mean, it’s a budget traveler’s type of spot so it’s not a 5 star by any means but the people are truly wonderful. They allowed us to use the washroom to freshen up, then served us breakfast even though we weren’t paying customers just yet, and then let us charge our phones and use their wifi while they gave us directions to the bus stop. Truly superb service!

Unsure if there’d be tickets available, we went early to the CFC. There were already fans camped out front who had apparently been there since 3am. Kind of silly if you ask me because it was COLD early this morning and there really weren’t that many people there. We bought tickets and coffee, sat down to bang out some lesson plans while we waited, and then the crowds started to arrive in droves. (Note: little football fans are adorable.)

The 1D fans were a bit over the top and the police were nonplussed because they wouldn’t move when asked so that the barriers could be put up and there’d be room for the coach buses when the teams arrived.

We’d been unfortunately crushed in the crowd of screaming teens out front of the CFC when Louis arrived — after James goddamn McAvoy who is BEAUTIFUL — and I was so stunned by seeing him in person and how compact he is and his face and the way he moves that I didn’t even try to get pictures. I just did my best to catch a glimpse. Curse being so short…  Jenn got a few candid snaps between people’s shoulders (will post later).

He came in a private van and walked right through into the building. Afterwards, the van pulled to the side and Jay, Dan, Lottie, and Eleanor came out, only to be ushered inside by police officers on horseback and several security guards.

Note: I realise many people will doubt that Eleanor was there, but I saw her with my own two eyes and Jenn got a few pictures. Take it as you will, but she was definitely there, and definitely came with Louis and his family.

We made our way inside and stopped right next to the pitch barrier before going up to our seats. None of the players were out yet, but we wanted to take some pics because neither of us had ever been to a proper footie match (hey, we’re Canadians who aren’t Torontonians). It just so happened that as we were doing that, the players all came out to warm up.

To say I was shocked to be in the EXACT PERFECT POSITION when Louis ran out is a massive, massive understatement. He was literally right there. I’m sorry if the video is shaky because I was just holding my phone steady while watching him rather than paying attention to the video recording. He could have been anywhere on the pitch and he was immediately in front of me

Note: Obviously a bunch of girls figured this out and swarmed around us, hence all the ear-piercing screeches. Sorry not sorry if you were/are one of those fans who need to holler fruitlessly at the boys. In the video you can also hear me muttering darkly about the poor taste in calling non-fans “f*gg*ts”. Disgusting, homophobic, abrasive, and completely uncalled for.

Anyway. Back to Louis. He looked amazing. His legs. al;kdfjas;ldfkja;sldjkf And it was like he’d gone through a “drive ‘em wild” checklist this morning because it was all there: tats out (including the web), headband, scruff… Lovely.

I thought he held his own quite well, not reacting whenever they played 1D overhead or when the football fans booed each time he touched the ball. He clearly had a good rapport with the other players on both teams, including James McAvoy which oh my god. Every time they touched, the world (my world) exploded and reformed because HOW was so much wow contained in the same space on Earth? Wonders never cease.

The particulars: he started on the pitch and subbed out around … 23 minutes on the clock? (About 35 minutes into play.) Went into the tunnel but came back out and sat on the sidelines after a while. He didn’t start the second half, but was subbed in again about halfway through. He played until almost the very end (5ish minutes left?) and was closely followed by James leaving, too. Being on defence, he wasn’t in possession of the ball that often but often enough and did a pretty good job of keeping possession or preventing plays/passes. He did make one boo-boo that cost a penalty shot and a goal, which the football fans loved. They really do not like him and boo loudly at every mention of his name. I get it but I also feel like it’s pretty uncalled for in that he’s brought a lot of visibility to a new demographic and has helped earn a lot for charity. But they just see a boybander, and I get that.

I have a few more videos of the actual match that I will upload later but be aware that they are from quite high up in the executive seats (comfort, friends, comfort) so they’re not super high quality and they’re not close up shots.

Upon leaving I discovered that someone had put gum on my seat arm and it was all over my favourite purple pants. SOB. Why, life? Why? It was like karma had to balance out being that close to Louis and James in one day, so it attacked me with terrible public seating catastrophes.

On the bright side, I took a long hot shower at the guest house and overall TODAY WAS AWESOME. Louiiiiiiis. *heart eyes*

Tomorrow, Glasgow tourism and then on to Edinburgh!


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